After Surgery Instructions

After Surgery Instructions

Surgery of the mouth is similar to other parts of the body and requires careful attention to post-operative instructions.

  1. Keep firm pressure on gauze for 30 minutes at a time until bleeding has decreased. Keep ice pack on head for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off (rotate ice packs with frozen ice packs). After 24 hours of ice, the patient can switch to warm moist heat.
  2. PAIN: Take pain medication as soon as possible. Always eat before taking any pain medication. Take medications only as directed. Start the antibiotic the day following surgery.
  3. BLEEDING: DO NOT RINSE your mouth or brush your teeth the day of surgery. Do not spit or use a straw for the first 48 hours after surgery. A warm salt-water solution may be started the day AFTER surgery for gentle rinsing after all meals. You may start brushing your teeth the day after surgery. Light bleeding is normal for 24-48 hours after all procedures, however, EXCESSIVE bleeding should be controlled by:
    • Placing a sterile gauze, clean white cloth pack or warm moist tea bag over the wound.
    • Close firmly for 1 hour.
    • Stay off your feet and keep your head elevated.

If bleeding continues please call our office for further instructions.

  1. DIET: Soft, cool foods for the first few hours following surgery (pudding, jello, apple sauce, ice-cream). Once the heavy bleeding has decreased, the patient can switch to warm soft foods (mashed potatoes, soup, oat meal, mac and cheese). Stick to a soft diet for 48 hours following surgery. NO carbonated beverages, drinks through a straw or anything too hot for 48 hours following surgery.
  2. NO SMOKING for at least 48 hours following surgery.
  3. KEEP YOUR HEAD ELEVATED When lying down; sleep with 2 pillows under your head at night. Keep physical activity down to a minimum.
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